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Cruising 101: Picking Your Ocean Cruise Itinerary


Expanding upon the Caribbean example, there are Western, Eastern and Southern (also known as deep) Caribbean routes to choose from and each are different with occasional overlapping ports of call. An Eastern one visits islands exclusively, but a Western one can take you to the Yucatan Peninsula mainland of Mexico. Meanwhile, Southern Caribbean itineraries can include the likes of Aruba. Elsewhere in the world, other large destinations are divided into separate regions as well.


The exact region and itinerary you choose is largely determined by where it is you want to sail from. If you prefer to homeport from Floridian embarkation cities of Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, for instance, your choices, at least for a weeklong cruise, are going to be limited to more northerly routes. If, however, you’re willing to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico, a roundtrip Southern itinerary is not out of the question. 


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