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Cruise Weddings Options for Traveling Couples

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For couples fond of traveling and their guests alike, there is no better wedding to be had than on a cruise. Whether arranged by the line directly or by a third party, such ceremonies are perfect for seamlessly pairing with a dream honeymoon sailing to immediately follow. Here are some options to consider for the happy day that can be arranged by outside planners or in-house cruise lines.

Cruise Wedding Planners

If you don’t quite yet know what cruise line you’d prefer to host your ceremony, various planners can help point you in the right direction, among which are Cruise Ship Wedding, Royal Ocean Events and The Wedding Experience. These already have established relationships with companies like Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises among many others.

In fact, my childhood pastor Mike Mitschke has performed ceremonies for The Wedding Experience when ships are docked in San Diego, California. He said such cruise ship events are, “…very nice. Most people have never been on a cruise ship, and the whole idea of the grandeur of the ship and the grandeur of the reception impresses people.”

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Ceremonies are usually scheduled when ships are in a turnaround port disembarking one cruise to prepare to embark guests on the next. That way guests can attend the ceremony and reception onboard and get off before departure time or stay on for the cruise with the couple as desired.

Mitschke considered that, “the ship is the most pleasant experience because o

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