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Cruise Ship Production Shows Close in on Broadway

Entertainment has always been a hallmark of cruise travel, but there once was a time when revues, essentially musical clip shows, were most common. The Broadway-style description has been thrown around ever since then. However, only now are cruise ship production shows actually approaching and matching the quality of such New York City performances.

Even back in the 1990s, I remember how great Crystal Cruises shows were. They too were mainly samplers of Broadway hits, but the production quality was outstanding. “The Phantom of the Opera” would be brought to life complete with a Pepper’s ghost-like special effect that astounded my childhood eyes. Back then, this was pretty elaborate staging, and the luxury line continues to push technological boundaries with electroluminescent pantomime shows by iluminate.

To this day, revues live on, but their presentation is far more dramatic. Carnival Cruise Line is a master at bringing a mixture of musical genres to the stage with high energy vocals, dancing and video technology. Even its Towel Animal Theater puppet show geared towards kids is a hoot for all ages, and it tells more of a story than most of the line’s other performances. 

In fact, a narrative quality is really what is bringing cruise ship shows up to a

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