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Carnival Cruise Line’s Advanced Internet Tools to Reach Fleet-Wide by 2016

Carnival Cruise Line continues to expand the availability of its advanced internet tools, and next, its social media package and Carnival HUB mobile app will be headed fleet-wide by 2016.

Social Media Internet Package

Now available on more than half of Carnival’s ships and expanding fleet-wide by the first quarter of 2016 will be the new social media internet package. This offering provides unlimited access to the most popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest for $5 per day with discounted plans for the entire duration of the cruise.

Carnival HUB Mobile App

The new Carnival HUB mobile app is expected to expand from its current availability on the line’s newest Carnival Breeze to five additional ships by the end of this year and all of the ships by summer 2016. We most recently reviewed the complimentary app, which features an updated daily guide and premium chat function, for Cruise Travel magazine. Carnival has noted that a third of the Breeze‘s passengers utilize the app while onboard.

Premium High-Speed Internet Package

Also available on 13 of Carnival’s ships currently is the line’s premium high-speed internet package, offering the fastest possible connection while at sea and accommodating large bandwidth tools like Skype. “Fast, affordable and reliable social media channels and the Internet have become essential on today’s cruise ships,” said Gabriela Gonzalez, Carnival’s vice president of guest technology. “We have thoughtfully approached this area to ensure we are providing options that guests sailing throughout our fleet find truly valuable and reliable.”

For more information on these internet tools, visit Carnival Cruise Line‘s website here.


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