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A Collection of First-Time Cruiser Tips

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Have you never taken a cruise before? Well, Cruise 1st appropriately enough has gathered a list of first-time cruiser tips, contributed to by yours truly, to inspire you to step aboard with the following helpful suggestions.

Emma Gray of Emma’s Travel Tales starts off by suggesting port research. Not only is it important to consider what to do onboard – including packing for the proper dress codes as she also points out – but she indicates, as we too have shared, that sometimes shore excursions can be had cheaper if booked on your own. Of course, brands like Carnival Cruise Line and Princess Cruises now guarantee their tour prices.

READ MORE: Considering Carnival Cruise Line’s and Princess Cruises’ Shore Excursion Guarantees

Among others, Becky Wiggins of English Mum adds to the research suggestion in regards to selecting a cruise line that is best suited to you and your personality.

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