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7 Tips to Best Enjoy Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2

Cunard Line has just remastered its flagship Queen Mary 2 to the tune of $132 million, and we’ve got the tips for how to best partake in it all.

Take Advantage of Unique Perspectives

Not only does the QM2 have its great Commodore Club observation lounge, but it also has several other areas in which to gaze upon the passing scenery or the ship itself. In fact, there are two forward observation decks overlooking the bow – one extending to the bridge wings for aft-facing views as well – and unique glass elevators that skirt the backside of the forecastle for taking a scenic vertical ride. Plus, there is even a bridge viewing area that is open at certain hours of the day to take a peek at the ship’s fascinating navigational operations.

Mind the Mezzanine Levels

The Queen Mary 2 has a very distinct layout as the only genuine ocean liner sailing today, and some venues ordinarily found at the very front or back of cruise ships are more centered away from any seesawing motion. So, in order to pass by the full-width Britannia Restaurant and Royal Court Theatre, guests can walk through side mezzanine corridors. It’s less of a maze than you might think so long as you study the deck plans before boarding, and the passageways themselves are lined with great windows and seating for playing board games as well as perusing the art gallery.


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