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7 Cruise Disembarkation Tips

Sadly, your cruise has come to an end, and it’s time to disembark the ship. As the process is comparable to everyone in a sold-out hotel checking out on the very same morning, it can be a busy and complicated one. However, we’ve gathered seven tips to make it all that much easier.

Don’t Book a Flight Too Early

When arranging your flights to and from a cruise long before first boarding, it’s important to not book your return airfare too early on the day of disembarkation. Just because your ship may be scheduled to arrive in its final port at say 7 a.m. doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to get off right away and transfer to the airport in time for an early morning departure. In fact, the ship still needs to clear customs, and the crew needs to begin offloading passenger luggage. Usually, it’s not advised to book a flight before 11 a.m., and unexpected delays can make an afternoon one a safer bet.

Verify Your Account Statement Ahead of Time

Final account statements are delivered to guest cabins late on the final night of the cruise or early morning on the day of departure. To avoid any surprise charges and a need to resolve them at an overrun reception desk at the last minute, it’s best to get a printout beforehand to confirm that everything looks as it should, particularly if you need to settle your account should a credit card not already be on file.

Put Out Enough Clothes the Night Before

In order to expedite luggage offloading, guests are asked to place their luggage outside the night before disembarkation so that the crew can have it r

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