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2016 In Review: The Cruise Stories That Held Us Captivated

As 2016 draws to a close, let’s take a look at some of the top cruise stories that held our attention this year…

Fathom Arrives in Cuba It was an historic moment when Fathom became the first cruise line to receive approval to sail to Cuba round-trip from Miami, Florida, and it has now set the stage for additional cruise lines to soon follow.

Behind the Scenes: Holland America Line’s New Brand With the launch of Koningsdam and a new marketing program, Holland America Line is looking to a more modern future to sustain its traditions well into the future, and so far the results are impressive.

SkyRide: The Star of Carnival Vista’s New Family Fun Offerings When Carnival Cruise Line introduced its new Carnival Vista, it set sail with a unique new attraction that may herald more elaborate onboard rides to come on other future ships.

Cunard Line, P&O Cruises Cancel All 2017 Calls to Turkey It was a rough year for Turkey as terrorist activity prompted cruise lines to stay away en masse. Hopefully in time the region will recover.

The Cruise Return of the Mexican Riviera Just like Turkey, the Mexican Riviera struggled for awhile to attract cruise ships among its own turmoil, but the classic route is coming back in popularity as brands like Holland America Line re-embrace it.

More Cruise Ships Plan to Take Advantage of the Newly Expanded Panama Canal Enlarged canal locks now will facilitate grander cruise ships which means we may start to see bigger vessels in regions not previously frequented before, starting with Norwegian Cruise Line’s upcoming Norwegian Bliss in Alaska.

The Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Is Here! As the new holder of the title ‘largest cruise ship in the world,’ the Harmony of the Seas has certainly made waves this year, and two more sister-ships are scheduled to join her through 2021.

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