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10 Cruise Lines Identified By Other International Brands

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For those who have never cruised before, we thought it would be fun to equate ten random cruise lines to other widely-recognized international brands in order to better convey a bit of their individual personalities. Without further ado, here is our selection for consideration.

Carnival Cruise Line = Coca-Cola

Everyone knows Coca-Cola beyond its high-fructose corn syrup-infused cola soda as a representation of a carefree social lifestyle, and Carnival Cruise Line, with its fleet of Fun Ships, is very much the same. It is an enjoyable tried-and-true vacation for the masses.

Celebrity Cruises = Apple

Apple is a stylish innovator of technology, and Celebrity Cruises is a modern boutique hotel-like line that not only features Apple products onboard but also espouses a philosophy of simplicity in design and premium travel reliability.

Crystal Cruises = Cartier

As one of the luxury lines, Crystal Cruises is akin to Cartier, a fine conglomerate jeweler and watch manufacturer. As Crystal expands its own portfolio of offerings, from yacht to river cruises, its timeless reputation grows as well.

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Cunard Line = Swarovski

Both Cunard Line and Swarovski are

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