Finding the right cruise line, ship and itinerary might is a challenging part of the process. There are a bunch of them, all sailing to interesting places we may have dreamed about for a lifetime. Iconic landmarks we have seen in films and on TV spring to life and have real meaning after visiting them too.

The fact that Europe contains more UNESCO World Heritage sites than anywhere else on the planet does not hurt the odds for a good travel experience either. But then we need to pack. Already familiar with Caribbean cruising, many travelers have that sort of packing down to a science. What to pack for a river cruise in Europe? That’s an entirely different animal requiring different skills.
Upgrade Your Smartphone– Generation after generation of smartphone cameras make capturing images along the way as we travel easier all the time. The latest smartphones, iPhones or Android devices, have the very best image capturing sharing ability ever. Before you buy a new camera for your upcoming cruise, consider upgrading your smartphone to the latest available. You know you want to anyway, now here is the reason you need to do just that. Odds a

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