Correction: The Ultimate Abyss will actually be a “dry” slide, not a waterslide as we initially reported.

It has finally been revealed, in video no less: the Ultimate Abyss slide – the tallest ever at sea – on Royal Caribbean International’s new Harmony of the Seas. When the line first unveiled the upcoming ship’s slides, it went all in announcing the Perfect Storm trio but was coy about the big one at the stern, until now. You can see the video preview, hosted at my Popular Cruising YouTube channel, below.

In addition to the previously unveiled Cyclone and Typhoon racer slides and Supercell champagne bowl slide is not one but a pair of thrilling tube-enclosed twister slides that descend all the way from the pool and sports deck to the Boardwalk neighborhood 10 decks below. The custom-built Ultimate Abyss begins at a see-through glass platform, nestled between two signature FlowRider surf simulators, where guests will slide down over 100 feet vertically on a mat, as this one is a dry slide.

Plus, Royal Caribbean International says, “spontaneous audio effects within each tunnel create a multi-sensory thrill for daring guests willing to test their mettle while traversing 216 feet through the one-of-a-kind slide duo.”

It’s been described as an all-ages slide but will more than likely be frequented by older thrill seekers as it’s going to be a relatively speedy attraction at nine miles an hour, requiring a mat perhaps to reduce friction in the stainless steel tube. Just looking at the rendering, it definitely appears to have a steep descent, a good 45 degree angle in some sections, that will make it a fast one for sure. And the fact that they will have two of them is helpful since I can only imagine how popular these are going to be. I want to hop on right away myself!

It’s also appropriate that the slides extend sculpturally above the AquaTheater, letting guests feel a sensation similar to the performers. From a practical standpoint, I wonder how it will be to retrieve your belongings from the pool deck after riding. Ordinarily, onboard slides don’t end nearly so far from where they begin. It is an interesting new arrangement for sure. Either way, I’d say the Ultimate Abyss looks to be a winner.

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