Arrival Bergen: One Step Closer to The Big Day

Welcome to Bergen, Viking Star! Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders

Aaron Saunders, Live Voyage Reports
Friday, May 15, 2015
I’m not sure who the Norse god of the weather is, but he (or she) must absolutely love Viking Cruises. I’ve been to Bergen, Norway twice before, but I have never seen a day like this. Viking Star was completely illuminated by the overpowering sunshine, her superstructure glistening and flickering with the reflection of the light bouncing off the crystal-blue waters.

6AM Never Looked So Good: passing under the Askoy Bridge; gateway to Bergen. Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders

6AM Never Looked So Good: passing under the Sotra Bridge; gateway to Bergen. In the distance is the Askoy Bridge. Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders

The colour of the water was matched only by the colour of the sky, which was uniformly blue with not a single cloud to be seen anywhere. This is the first time I’ve been to Bergen that it hasn’t absolutely poured rain – and the timing couldn’t be better. Even if it dumps on us on Christening Day, today was a photographer’s dream come true – a fact that was driven home by the helicopter that repeatedly buzzed the ship as we entered the harbour. I’m not sure if it was the rotors I heard, or the rapid-burst of a DSLR camera! Even I managed to rattle off 2

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