It’s often the attention to little things that makes the biggest impact.  After all, if it’s the little annoyances that can spoil a vacation it’s also the little pleasant surprises that crescendo into the trip of a lifetime.  When a cruise line pays attention to those little things it strikes a chord that resonates long after the trip is over.
I am currently enjoying day 3 of a 2-week sailing on Viking Sky that will take me from London to Norway.  This is the cruise Into the Midnight Sun that will allow a view of a sun that doesn’t set as we explore the northern most regions of northwestern Europe.  A special thanks to Viking Cruises for providing this 2-week glimpse into a Viking ocean cruise.
After the cruise is over I will give a more detailed write-up on our explorations on this cruise, but for now I wanted to give some quick insights into my first impressions as I soak in this marvelous ship.
After being on two Viking river cruises this is my first ocean cruise with the company.  It’s amazing how Viking has infused this ocean ship with the same style and elegance that came with their Viking Longships.
There was an immediate sense of familiarity as I walked on board, but it’s been that innate attention to detail that has impressed the most.  The leather wrapped handrails and simple, elegant furniture were some of the first notes of detailed attention I observed.   I will draw attention to just a few of these other impressions.

The Cabin

If you never had heated floors in your restroom cabin you simply don’t know what your feet are missing.  I keep forgetting that the floors are heated until I walk into the restroom in the morning, and then I quietly give a

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