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While we here at Cruise Currents (and presumably most people involved in the cruise industry) would prefer to move on from the tragic sinking of the Costa Concordia, it seems that it has been tough to do so lately as interest once again spikes in the removal of the ship. Today, we have come across a video from The Telegraph that truly deserves some attention.

Following the Costa Concordia’s raising last September, a number of local Carabinieri dove into the waters of Giglio to explore the exterior and interior of the half-submerged ship. During the dive, the Carabinieri filmed areas of the ship’s exterior and the interior atrium. The video had been kept away from the public until today. The video can be viewed above and features some very interesting views of a perspective not seen very often.

The Costa Concordia is currently being prepared to be fully raised from the waters of Giglio, an operation expected to be completed by the end of the month. Following her raising, the ship will be towed to a yard in Genoa, Italy, where she will be scrapped.

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