Sail away marks the official start of your cruise, and it’s a wonderful thing. If you aren’t lucky enough to be on a cruise, then watching the ship sail out is the next best thing. Enough to tide you over until the next time you can get on a cruise ship, we hope.
No, we’re kidding. Watching one of these majestic ships sail away isn’t the same as being on board for the sail away at all. It will just make you want to get back aboard all the more. You still want to see it though, right? And you want to see it from the best vantage point you can.
Well, here are the five best places to watch a Port Canaveral sail away.

Jetty Park

How many cruise ports have a campground inside of them?
Port Canaveral has Jetty Park. Four and a half acres of green space inside of the port where you can pitch a tent, rent a cabin, or bring an RV. It isn’t a b

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