Bermuda has a lot to offer and if you are going on a 7-9 day cruise to Bermuda, these little tips will help.  Most cruise lines have at least one cruise ship that sails to Bermuda during the summer cruise season.  We will talk about different destinations and excursions you can check out while you are exploring the pink sands of the paradise that is Bermuda.

King’s Wharf

If your cruise ship is stopping at King’s Wharf in Bermuda most of the popular beaches will be quite a distance away, so you will need to take a bus or taxi to get to Hamilton, which is a small town with quite a bit of charm.  King’s Wharf is basically a tourist trap with tons of shops and people willing to make a buck off of you, but there is also a quaint museum that won’t break your budget there.
For a quick bite to eat King’s Wha

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