Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Sunshine went through a Fun Ship 2.0 refurbishment in 2013 when her name was changed from Destiny to Sunshine.  Ever since then I’ve been wanting to sail on this ship and I finally had my chance so I jumped at the opportunity.
And to make it even better, Carnival Sunshine was sailing out of Charleston, SC which made it only a short drive from my home in NC.  In this post I will walk through the ship and let you know my thoughts on this 4 day sailing from the Palmetto state.
Port Charleston is not exactly built for larger cruise ships, and Carnival Sunshine was the first ship over 100,000 gross tons.   The previous cruise passengers were delayed in getting off the ship, so the embarkation process was lethargic.  Most of it was spent in the car, just trying to get into the cruise terminal parking area, and then weaving around cones in very slow moving lines.  In fact, even though we were less than 1 mile from the port, it was almost 2 hours before we were able to get out of the car.  Later we were told that the reason for this delay was the customs process.  One perk in this embarkation process, however, was that the porters took the luggage out of our trunk without us having to lift a finger, except to push the trunk button and grab a few dollars for a tip.   From the parking area we jumped on a shuttle bus and waited a little more, although in retrospect it would have been quicker just to walk to the terminal.    Once in the terminal the line moved fairly quickly and the agents were cheery and helpful.
Check out our video tour of Carnival Sunshine to see it for yourself:

The Spa
As soon as I got on the ship I headed for the spa.  I usually do this to try to get some video of the spa before anyone is actually using it.  One cool feature of Sunshine is the updated thermal suite area.  With the therma

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