Alaska is a great big wonderful place I think all Americans should visit at least once in their lifetime. Commonly chosen as a safe part of the world to travel, Alaska has unique travel opportunities not available in other parts of the world. Cruise lines know that and tell us all we need to know about sailing in Alaskan waters. Sort of. There are a few parts of the Alaska cruise experience that cruise lines touch on but don’t go into a lot of detail about. Here we have detail on those things to know about an Alaskan cruise.

Stateroom Location Matters, Somewhat

When scenic cruising to view glaciers and other iconic landmarks in Alaska, on deck is the place to be. As a U.S. Forest Service park ranger narrates the scene, you will want easy access to both sides of the ship when that ranger says “On the right we have a whale about to leap playfully into the air then hold right there suspended in movement so you can capture the moment to remember forever”. Actually, that won’t happen. Those

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