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Sea Cloud off Jost Van Dyke on Thursday, January 17, 2019. Photo © 2019 Aaron Saunders

Van Dyke, BVI; Thursday, January 17, 2019

I looked around on the beach, where scantily-clad
bathers were drinking like it was end-of-days. There were people drinking in
the water, drinking on the sand, drinking at the bars that lined the shores of
White Beach. In fact, there wasn’t a single establishment on the beach that didn’t involve drinking.

This afternoon, Sea
Cloud Cruises’ Sea Cloud
at Jost Van Dyke, BVI and anchored
off White Beach. A cluster of chartered and rented catamarans was beyond our
anchorage, and just astern of us was Crystal
’ ungainly little Crystal Esprit. Nice enough on the
inside, it is a boxy little vessel that couldn’t have contrasted more with the
sleek lines of the beautiful Sea Cloud.

The heat today seemed to be more intense than
yesterday. The breeze at anchorage was nearly nothing and the sun beat down on
me. Still, I decided that I should go ashore to White Beach, and so boarded one
of the ship’s zodiacs for the quick ride and wet landing ashore.

The benefit of sailing aboard a small ship like Sea Cloud; no waiting. I simply walked
out onto the promenade deck, scanned my card off the ship, and proceeded down
the gangway and into the waiting zodiac raft. Easy.

Jost Van Dyke wasn’t really my scene, but it didn’t
help that I had used up all my U.S. cash, which is needed to purchase almost
anything on the island. I’d converted a lot of money to Eastern Caribbean
Dollars, which turned out to be pretty well useless here.  

But most of the entertainment on White Beach is
limited to a) suntanning and b) drinking heavily. It is home of the Soggy
Dollar Bar, which reportedly invented the Painkiller. The recipe is a
closely-guarded secret. I like a good drink – I would have killed for a cold
beer at that point – but I’m not a big sun person. And with little available
shade and no access to libations, I quickly grew tired of Jost Van Dyke.

Cozy up to the bar – but bring cash. Photo © 2019 Aaron Saunders

White Beach actually reminded me a bit of walking into
a Margaritaville, but on the beach. Except that everyone here was going to
clamber back aboard their rented Lagoons and Fountain Pajots and drunkenly sail
away later. That part really makes a man think. Some of these folks couldn’t
have driven a golf cart afterwards, but a 60-foot catamaran is no issue. Like I
say, it makes you think.

In many ways, Jost Van Dyke is that quintessential Caribbean that you rarely see nowadays: small, exclusive and laid-back. Photo © 2019 Aaron Saunders

So, I ende

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