Up until this past week, Royal Caribbean’s new all inclusive beverage packages were only offered aboard ships that were sailing on cruises four nights or longer. This restriction kept guests sailing on Royal Caribbean’s shorter voyages, most notably sailings to the Bahamas, from purchasing one of the drink packages. Now, Royal Caribbean has reversed this decision, allowing ships sailing on voyages lasting three nights to sell the popular drink packages.

Guests sailing on any Royal Caribbean voyage at least three nights in duration will be offered the opportunity to purchase a variety of drink packages. Each of the four drink packages offer guests unlimited drinks within their package. The four drink packages include:

Royal Replenish

Includes: Fountain soda (including Coca Cola Freestyle machines where available), non-alcoholic cocktails, premium coffee, premium tea, and bottled water.

Price: $20 per person, per day.


Includes: Beer, wine by the glass (up to an $8 value), fountain soda (including Coca Cola Freestyle machines where available).

Price: $40 per person, per day.


Includes: Call and premium cocktails (up to a $10 value), frozen cocktails, beer, premium wine by the glass (up to a $12 value), non- alcoholic cocktails, bottled water, and fountain soda (including Coca Cola Freestyle machines where available).

Price: $55 per person, per day.


Includes: All options from Premium and Royal Replenish packages.

Price: $65 per person, per day.

All packages include gratuities in their base prices. Guests who purchase Select, Premium, or the Ultimate package will also receive a 20% discount on bottles of wine.

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