In the general order of planning, it makes sense to book a cruise at a convenient time and at an attractive price. Once deposited, planning airfare to get there seems a logical next step as well as transfers from the airport to cruise embarkation port. At that point, we have the lion’s share of cost solidly defined. But what about the total cost of travel? While one cruise line may be more inclusive than another, it is entirely possible to get a good idea of the total cost of any fabulous cruise vacation in advance. We get a realistic number that by looking in on what will be offered for sale on board. The first stop: Shore Excursions.

What​ ​Is​ ​Our​ ​Budget?

At first glance, establishing a budget for shore excursions is one of the most elusive $ items of the entire cruise cost. Prices vary widely from a walking tour of the local area for $30 to $60 per person with a local guide to getting up in the air for flightseeing opportunities fo

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