Summer – it’s the season of sun graphics wearing sunglasses, Floridians retreating to air conditioned rooms, and families heading out to sea for a deserved cruise vacation. Unfortunately, summer also brings warmer waters and the potential for vacation altering hurricanes. Sadly, these hurricanes are a part of summer cruising, but they don’t have to ruin your entire cruise vacation.

Choose Dates Wisely

Hurricane season officially opens on June 1st and closes on November 1st, but timing does play into when many hurricanes form. While their formation doesn’t adhere to a specific timeline, they are more likely to form in August and September. Planning and booking your cruise earlier in the summer won’t guarantee a hurricane free sailing, but your chances could be better than if you were to sail later in the summer and early fall.

Ensure Your Insured

Many cruisers think of travel insurance as an unnecess

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