It was bound to happen. Despite the fact that people can, in 2015, cruise to Antarctica in remarkable splendour aboard Hurtigruten’s FRAM – a ship that recalls both her European heritage and Norwegian namesake – internet connectivity still remains a challenge.

Rocking and rolling our way across the Drake Passage today aboard Hurtigruten’s FRAM. And this is when it was “calm” out! Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders

In fact, I consider it something of a miracle at all that I can even type this brief message from the middle of the Drake Passage, after an evening and day that saw us buffeted by Beaufort Force 9 winds and seas that our captain called “Rough to Very Rough.”
He was right – last night was a wild roller coaster ride, to be sure! But the beautiful FRAM handled it well. After only 24 hours onboard, I am endlessly impressed – this is expedition cruising on steroids. The FRAM herself is a gorgeous achievement in shipbuilding, and her stout profile helps her cut through this inclement weather with ease.
As I write this, it is sunny out, though swells continue to push the ship back and forth, but not nearly to the degree that last night presented.

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