I haven’t written a lot here lately, for the simple reason that I’m spending an unusually lengthy amount of time researching my upcoming cruise with Viking River Cruises that will take me through the heart of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.
Unlike a lot of countries I’ve travelled to, I’m starting with a completely blank slate as far as Myanmar goes. When I booked this trip this summer, I did so without knowing the basic entry and exit requirements. I didn’t research the vaccinations I may or may not need. And I certainly couldn’t make logical sense of our cruise tour stops and ports of call.
To aid me in that respect, I went out and purchased two guide books on Myanmar, and one guide to local customs and culture (under the Culture Smart! Moniker; check them out – they’re tremendously helpful).
There was only one thing that stood between me and the bliss of exotic Myanmar: I needed a Tourist Visa for my passport. And getting one wasn’t quite as easy as I’d hoped.

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