From Vikings to Glaciers, 2015 Offered A World of Cruising Wonder

Viking Star maneuvers into position at 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 17 in Bergen, Norway for her christening. Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders

Part II of our favorite cruises of 2015, by Aaron Saunders.

Viking Star – London to Bergen Christening Cruise

It’s rare that a cruise line gets a new class of ship so right on the first try, and rarer still that a cruise line that’s never built an oceangoing ship succeeds straight out of the gate. Yet that’s exactly what I discovered when I sailed aboard Viking Cruises’ first oceangoing cruise ship, Viking Star, on a short preview cruise from London to her christening in Bergen, Norway.
For four straight days, I walked around the ship with my jaw hanging open. Not only was the 930-guest Viking Star spacious and intimately designed, but her interior décor was immaculate. No detail had been overlooked – and clearly, no expense had been spared in her construction.
Viking Star harks back to the days of the famous Royal Viking Line that set the standards for luxury cruising during the 1970s and 1980s. The parallels between Royal Viking Line and Viking Cruises aren’t accidental: Viking Cruises Chairman Torstein Hagen previously

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