I just got back from a short 2-day cruise on Carnival Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, Carnival Horizon, out of Miami, Florida.  Two days was not nearly enough time to really appreciate this ship and all it has to offer.  Plus,  I was busy running around getting videos and pictures of the ship so all of our amazing readers could check it out too.
But still, I found 8 things about Carnival Horizon that really stuck with me, and I thought some of you might appreciate them too.   Here’s a little video review of Horizon, and check out my written review below it.

Destination Elevators Save Time

On my last several cruises I resolved to only take the stairs and avoid elevators at all cost.  This was partly because I wanted the exercise and partly because elevators can be so sluggish on a cruise ship.  But Carnival Horizon has implemented destination elevators, and I had to try them.  Once you wave your hand over the sensor to wake it up you simply select a deck on the screen.
The screen will then give you a letter that corresponds with an elevator that you will take to reach your destination.  The system finds the quickest way to get there with the fewest amount of stops along the way.  By the way, this also solves the problem of “someone” pressing all the buttons in the elevator.  Once inside the elevator there are no buttons to press.
Getting there quicker means more time enjoying your vacation.  Can’t beat that.

Havana Staterooms Allow a True Escape

Some have called it a cruise within a cruise.  We all know the main pool and aft pool can be a little crowded and cramped on a cruise ship.  But the Havana pool on deck 5 is not only quiet.  It’s away from the rest of the hustle and bustle of lido deck.  And since it’s only open to Havana stateroom passengers until 7pm, you never have to worry a

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