Overview: MSC takes good care of kids and teens with kids 11 and under sailing free (as the 3rd or 4th person in a room) and ages 12-17 are given significant discounts.

Programs for Babies: For babies and toddlers, MSC has partnered with Chicco to offer complementary essentials such as strollers, baby carriers, bottle warmers, and bouncy chairs.  Select ships also have a Chicco designed area for babies 3 and under.  MSC has also designed new menus in their partnership with Chicco, with different menus for the age groups of 6-12 months and 12 months and older.

Programs for Kids: Fleetwide, MSC has partnered with LEGO to offer the LEGO Experience, where there are LEGO themed activities and LEGO designed play areas.  There’s also a LEGO experience day where kids and their parents can compete in LEGO themed competitions and games and build with LEGOs.  Throughout the cruise, there are also meet and greets with LEGO’s mascot.

Other kids’ activities include cooking classes, themed parades, scavenger hunts, karaoke parties, language courses where kids can learn basic sentences in 6 different languages, and more.  MSC has also partnered with UNICEF where kids can participate in educational and fun activities that teach them the importance of giving back.  Children who participate in the UNICEF activities are given a certificate naming the onboard Junior Ambassadors.

MSC also offers a Kids Around the Clock program, where for a late fee they will have supervised late-night play and nap time so you can enjoy a night off.

Programs for Tweens: Tweens 12-14 will have a blast in the Young Club, where they will have activities such as trivia, karaoke, Just Dance Live, video game competitions, a scavenger hunt, a flash mob, and much more.

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