For years, I’ve heard so many admonish Holland America Line, claiming it to be a line stuck in time. I’ve rebuked these claims, having cruised Holland America Line in my late teens and truly enjoying the elevated experience and onboard atmosphere. Still, many pointed at the fleet and claimed the line was out of touch, out of date. That was until ms Koningsdam arrived.
ms Koningsdam opens a new chapter for Holland America Line. She isn’t here to revolutionize the cruise industry nor is she here to go head to head with the largest ships on the sea, ms Koningsdam redefines what a Holland America Line cruise means. I recently sailed aboard ms Koningsdam during her christening celebration and experienced a unique difference from the Holland America Line ships I’ve sailed in the past.
From the moment I crossed the gangway, the bright and light aesthetics of the ship marked a departure from the darker designs of the past, embodying the new spirit of the Holland America ships. However, I felt right at home with the smiling faces and warm greetings of Holland’s hospitable and polished crew. It was strange, the ship itself seemed unlike anything Holland would have tried in the past, but if felt uniquely “them.” As I continued to explore the ship, I was impressed by how spacious the ship felt, thanks to a smartly designed open floor plan and airy designs and accents. Passing from room to room, I discovered new spaces and venues, such as Lincoln Center Stage, Sel de Mer, and Blend, yet feeling right at home as I came upon such guest favorites as the Pinnacle Grill,

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