As a history geek, adventurer, and a Catholic – Viking’s new Cities Of Antiquity & The Holy Land itinerary is at the top of my cruise bucket list. And with Viking Cruises to boot? I’m already on my flight to Rome just to get myself onboard.
The Itinerary
15 days of ports steeped in rich history – from Rome, the center of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church; Naples, the gateway to the lost city of Pompeii; Crete, home to the The Palace of Knossos; Jerusalem, a shared center of spiritual importance for Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; and Athens, one of the most important cities in our storied history. Among these incredible ports are numerous others, each holding their own unique spot history – Haifa, Limassol, Rhodes, and Mykonos, among a few relaxing days at sea. For anyone as fascinated with history and religion as I am, this itinerary is truly the pinnacle of enriching travel, bridging the worlds of secularism and religion into one amazing cruise itinerary.
Mike’s Itinerary Highlights
Each of these ports are packed with their own page worth of highlights, but when cruising, sometimes time can be short, only allowing a few hours to explore amazing and expansive cities. So, if you have only a few hours to explore, be sure not to miss these historically rich and important highlights.
Rome, Italy (2 days!) Day 1: The Colosseum & Roman Forum, Day 2: The Vatican, the home of the Roman Catholic Church.
Naples, Italy The ancient and lost city of Pompeii.
Crete, Greece The Palace of Knossos, home of King Minos.
Jerusalem, Israel The Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, or the Via Dolorosa.
Haifa, Israel (2 days again!) Day 1: excursion to Bethlehem, the site of the Nativity; Day 2: excursion to Nazareth & the Sea of Galilee.
Limassol, Cyprus Visit the capital of Nicosia, the only divided capital still in existence.
Rhodes, Greece Hike up to the Acropolis of Lindos and take in the incredible views.
Mykonos, Greece Take a relaxing day to walk through this traditional town and grab a bite to eat at a local cafe.
Athens, Greece (2 days again, amazing!) Day 1: visit the the Oracle at Delphi, Day 2: hike up to the Parthenon, the most iconic site of antiquity.
Here’s the best part: You’re sailing with Viking Cruises, which offers at least one complimentary excursion in each port, offering a guarantee of a fulfilling and rich experience in each port you sail to. If you’re looking for more than the included excursion, you can always pay the small fee for a variety of additional excursions that are sure to leave you with an even greater appreciation for these

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