Hurricane Irma is sending the cruise industry’s Caribbean-based fleet scattering, as the region prepares for what could be one of the worst storms to make landfall in recent memory.
Worse, the National Hurricane Center is currently tracking two other potentially serious storm fronts: Tropical Storm Jose, which is spooling up in the mid-Atlantic; and Tropical Depression THIRTEEN, which has formed rapidly this afternoon off the east coast of Mexico.

This outlook isn’t great: Hurricane Irma, Tropical Storm Jose, and Tropical Depression THIRTEEN are shown in this graphic from the National Hurricane Center taken on the afternoon of September 5, 2017. Image: NOAA

In addition to the dangers posed by Hurricane Irma, Tropical Depression THIRTEEN could also bring about serious issues for the cruise industry, which has, to this point, been re-routing some previously-scheduled Eastern Caribbean cruises to the Western Caribbean. And, with Tropical Storm Jose making its way in from the eastern Atlantic, it is reasonable to expect disruptions to flights, cruises and other modes of transportation in the Caribbean for the forseeable future.

The predicted path of Hurricane Irma as of September 5, 2017. Image: NOAA

If you are scheduled to travel to or cruise from any of the affected areas in the current path of Hurricane Irma, you should continue to keep in contact with your airline and cruise line directly, via the web, and via social media to keep informed of any last-minute changes. With the recent devastation in Houston and Texas as a result of flooding brought on by Hurricane Harvey serving as a road map, it’s fair to bet on significant disruptions over the next few weeks in the Caribbean.
Below is a list of lines that are currently re-routing, delaying, or outright cancelling sailings. It is by no means compre

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