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There is an odd tradition for some who cruise a lot.  They find a comfy spot on the pool deck about the time the ship is set to leave port.
And then … they watch.  It happens almost every cruise.   “Pier runners” start emerging from the distance as they run as fast as they can, trying to get back on the ship before the gangway is hauled in.
These latecomers are greeted by cheers and shouts of “You can make it! Run Faster!”, but for those running, it’s no laughing matter, especially if they don’t make it in time.
So how do you make sure you never miss your cruise ship?  How do you avoid becoming a “pier runner”?
While your port of call might seem like a paradise, being “stuck” on foreign soil without a passport or means of transportation can quickly become a vacation nightmare.
If you’d like to know what happens if you do miss your ship you can check out our post, but this article is meant to help make sure it never happens to you
Here are some simple rules to follow to make sure you don’t miss your cruise ship and get left behind.
The cruisers in the video below were VERY close to being left behind…

Ship Time Rules: Don’t Trust Your Phone

This is probably the #1 reason people get left behind at a cruise port.  They fail to follow ship time.  The times in your daily program are based on ship time, no matter what the time may be in your port of call.
You might use your phone as a watch.  You never need to set the time because the time from your network is always accurate, right?  Well, in this case, wrong.
On one recent cruise a few people were left behind because they were using their phones for the time, but their phones automatically set to local time, which was one

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