No one enjoys the muster drill on a cruise ship.  And if you do, you’re probably doing it wrong.  Ok, I’m kidding, but all kidding aside, it is a very important safety drill.
You’re finally on the cruise ship.  You went through the hassle of the embarkation process and all you want to do is hit the buffet and jump in the pool.  But there’s one last step you have to take before your vacation has officially begun: The muster drill.  Or it’s sometimes called the lifeboat drill or just safety drill.
Ok, so just getting on the cruise ship does count as the beginning of your vacation.  But for me, I always feel like I can’t totally relax and unwind until the muster drill has been completed.
Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS, is the group that sets the parameters for what is needed for a proper safety drill.  It states that the drill must take place within 24 hours of embarkation, but each cruise line sets its own protocols, and usually the drill takes place before the ship leaves port.
The safety drill is a very important procedure

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