Whether you have taken a cruise or not, you no doubt have been hearing a lot about this style of travel in the past decade. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years because it appeals to many people who like what a cruise voyage has to offer.

But is a cruise right for you? Ask yourself these seven questions, and you’ll get a good idea about whether you would enjoy a cruise vacation.

Do I Like a Set Itinerary and Schedule?

I like to pick my cruises by checking out the destinations. It’s nice to earn loyalty status with cruise lines, but the itineraries rule for me. This is a great way to go to new places and get a feel for these spots. However, when you cruise, you are on the ship’s schedule, not your own. This means that the time in port and the predetermined port destinations are pretty much etched in stone (weather conditions permitting).
Some travelers prefer to have more flexibility and input into

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