I may not be the best author to write an article like this because my focus during a cruise is not how much alcohol I can drink, rather, my focus is to enjoy the vacation, the entertainment, the food and the ports.If you’re trying to “buck the system” (which you’re really not), try this advice to find free drinks on a cruise.IMG_57231. Attend liquor tastingsDuring the first night of the cruise and typically one more night following the cruise line will offer a complimentary liquor tasting, as they entice you to purchase some of their duty-free spirits.Result: Tested and passed2.  In your “checked” luggage, pack boxed wineChoose your favorite wine and pack it in your checked luggage.  Be sure not to check bottled liquor, rather, find your wine of choice in a box. Just remember, most cruise lines allow you to bring wine on legally.Result: I tested this on a cruise in 2012, the box got through okay but it leaked everywhere. You know how the airlines handle your baggage? That also ap

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