Despite all the cool features on the newest big and shiny cruise ships, many cruisers pick their trips based on itineraries. They seek to explore new destinations and want to create incredible memories of their experiences in these places.

If your time ashore is crucial part of your trip, you want to pick the best things to do and avoid crucial mistakes that can spoil the visit.
When you get off the ship, cruise excursions can make or break your cruise. Remember: Nobody likes massive crowds, sunburns or watching the ship pull away as you are running down the pier at the end of a day in port.

Making Memories

We travel to create memorable experiences, and there is nothing better than arriving at port in a country with the anticipation of getting to do something exciting, whether it’s a new experience or an old favorite. I have been to Bonaire two times, and I did the awesome drift snorkel at Klein Bonaire each time.
Snorkeling among the pristine reef and dozens of fish and other sea creatures was so

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