It’s vacation time! You’ve paid for your cruise and booked your flight. But, while you’re ready to go right now, your bank account still has some work to do. You need to figure out how much cruise spending money to budget for the rest of your cruise. Before we get to the key points – make SURE you book travel insurance. There’s no sense wasting your time budgeting if you’re not protecting your cruise investment. Get a quote on the upper right corner of the site. Here are the areas you’ll need to plan for: 

1. Pier

CRUISE PIER If you’re driving your own car to the port, you’ll need to allow for gas, tolls and then port parking. Depending on which port you’re sailing from, expect to pay from $10 to $20 a day for port parking. If you’re flying, you’ll need to allow for transportation from the airport to the port. You can book this directly with the cruise line, but that can cost you up to $50 each way. You can often find a local shuttle service for significantly less. Don’t forget – once you arrive at the port

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