So you are all excited about your cruising adventure, but you have no idea what to pack for your cruise.  What do you bring and what do you leave at home?  This post will help answer some of those questions so you are prepared for your vacation away from land and can just focus on having a good time.

What to Pack for Your Flight to the Port

If you are flying to your port you will want to keep any of those usual items out of your carry-on luggage.   Remember those liquid container rules and just to be safe keep your nail file tucked away in your suitcase and dress warm.  Most ports are in the southern part of the United States and you might be flying there from Maine where it is 30 degrees below zero, but you will absolutely roast when you land in Miami.  I suggest dressing in layers so you can shed them as you heat up in the tropical climate.

What Kind of Clothing to Pack

I’m not going to give an exhaustive list of what clothes you should pack.  (It’s

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