Four Unique Cruise Ships On My “Must Sail” List

I originally started this website because I like cruise ships. It’s a rather simplistic idea, but there are so many fascinating cruise ships out there that I’m certainly never at a loss for things to write about.
In that vein, I want to introduce you to four unique ships that don’t get a lot of mainstream press. These are ships that I have yet to sail on, but want to for various reasons. Years ago, I did another post detailing a handful of vessels I wanted to sail on – and I was finally able to check the Louis Cristal off the list earlier this year when I sailed her to Cuba.
Here are four ships that are on my “must-sail” list – and some of them may very well surprise you.

RMS St. Helena

The RMS St. Helena is the seagoing link to Saint Helena Island in the south Atlantic. Photo courtesy of RMS St. Helena

Since the RMS St. Helena entered service in 1990, she has done one thing: sail between Cape Town, South Africa and the British Overseas Territory known as Saint Helena. Napoleon spent some quality time on this remote island in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, in order to think about what he’d done. In fact, the British loved to ship off people to St. Helena in much the same way that Americans sent criminals to Alcatraz. Still, it is a gorgeous little island, filled with lush foliage, rising peaks, and the capital city of Jamestown nestled in a little valley on the northwest side of the island.
It’s also incredibly remote. John Honeywellalso known as Captain Greybeardrecently wrote about his experience aboard the “RMS”, as she is affectionately known, in the UK’s Mirror. St. Helena will, for the first time ever, have air service beginning in February 2016, which means RMS St. Helena’s days could be numbered. His account made me want to travel on her even more, despite having read about her as far back as 1998.
I’m putting this quaint little passenger-cargo-ship near the top of my personal bucket list for 2015.

Norwegian Spirit

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Spirit. Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Spirit. Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Half of the people reading this are probably surprised by this choice, but yes, I want to sail aboard Norwegian Spirit. Everyone I know who has sailed aboard her just raves about the experience despite the fact that she is currently the oldest ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet.
Originally built for Star Cruises in 1998 as SuperStar Leo before being transferred to Norwegian Cruise Line in 2004, she served on a number of runs before Norwegian deployed her to Europ

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