I recently sailed on Majesty of the Seas to Key West and Cuba on a 4-night cruise out of Tampa.  I chose this itinerary simply for the fact that I wanted to see what Cuba was like, as it has been inaccessible to cruisers, and who knows how long this window will be open.
This post will help you know what to expect both before and during your time in Cuba.   It is a port unlike any other in the Caribbean so there are some things you should be prepared for ahead of time.
Havana is rich in history and offers views of historic buildings and architecture dating back to the 1500’s.   Even with an infrastructure that is dated and lacking in many ways, the people of Cuba seemed both friendly and happy.  Most of the available tours focused on experiencing Cuban culture and cuisine along with some art exhibits and historic sites.
While you don’t have to book a tour with the cruise line if this is your first time to Havana, I recommend booking an excursion through the cruise line.   If after your excursion you want to walk around the city a little, at least you will know a bit more about what to expect.
Remember Cuba is open for person to person contact.  You won’t be able to visit the beaches while in port.
havana cuba on cruise ship
What Documentation You Will Need Before Your Cruise to Cuba
You will need a visa to visit Cuba, but usually the cruise line will help you take care of this.  Royal Caribbean charged me $75 for my visa, and it was just added to my room bill.  Be very careful when filling out your visa form, as you will have to spend another $75 if you make a mistake.   This can all be taken care of at the cruise terminal.
You should also bring with you a filled-out affidavit.  On Royal Caribbean’s website it is called a Travel Certification Form.  You can get mor

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