As drones continue to grow in popularity, each cruise line, port, and country have a different set of rules you need to abide by. There are a few things you need to know before thinking you can launch your drone from a cruise ship.

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Using a drone properly can reward you with incredible photos and videos that otherwise would be impossible to get. I’m a drone enthusiast myself, having both DJI and GoPro drones.
Here is a rundown of what each cruise line allows as well as tips for getting the best possible video/photos with your drone while on a cruise.
It is important to remember to abide by all local laws where you want to fly. In cities such as Rome, the punishment for flying a drone is jail time and up to a 100,000 Euro fine.  They will also confiscate your drone and you’ll never see it again.  If you’re unsure of the local laws, just ask a police officer.  They will be able to assist you with laws that you may be unfamiliar with.
The AirMap app, available for free download on your phone, shows you the areas that are a no-fly zone. It’s a great app to have when

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