Looking for the cheapest time to cruise during the year?  If you’re like me you want to go on as many cruises as possible, as often as possible.   If you try to book a cruise during peek season, you might face some major sticker-shock.
Some of the cheapest times of year to cruise are late winter and early fall.  There are caveats that go with that, so let’s dive in and find what time of year will save you the most money on a cruise vacation.
Here are some tips for booking a cruise vacation for as little money as possible.  And it’s all done simply by choosing the right time of year.  Can’t beat that right?

Rule of Thumb for Cheapest Times to Cruise

While we believe that there are no bad times to take a cruise, certain weeks of the year are often cheaper than others.  A good rule of thumb is that prices are likely to be higher around any holidays or when kids are out of school.
So basically the most convenient times of year to cruise are also the most expensive.   Want to save money?  Go against the flow.  Book your vacation while everyone else is busy working or in school.  It’ll make your vacation photos that much sweeter when you come back to show all your friends how awesome your cruise getaway was as well.

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