Day five brings Carnival Vista to Naples, Italy. I was up with the birds this morning and watched the sunrise and then grabbed a quick breakfast before our busy day started.
Funny story before I start today’s post. Our cruise director, Matt, got on the PA and gave us a weather report for Naples. He told us that it was going to be a high of 86 and was currently 77 degrees outside with a chance of rain. I was standing by the lido deck pool when he was telling us and it was clearly not 77 degrees outside. I was wearing a hoodie and pants, and still cold. It struck me as odd. About 10 minutes later he got back on the PA and said he made a mistake and looked at the weather forecast for Naples, Florida and not Naples, Italy! Luckily we didn’t leave the ship yet. Oh, and it was 55 degrees outside; that’s why I was so cold.

Shipyard Event

John Heald and I

John Heald and I

I had the honor to be invited to a launch ceremony where Carnival Vista 2 (currently unnamed) was launched into the harbor. It was a cool event where a 300-foot long forward piece of Carnival Vista rolled off a ramp and splashed into the bay. The pres

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