Sometimes when we sail on an older cruise ship because we found a good deal online it means we also lower our expectations.  We don’t expect much from the ship.  We book the cruise just for the itinerary or because we need a short getaway.
When I saw the $200 deal on a 4-night cruise on Carnival Victory it was hard to pass up, so I didn’t.
But once on board the ship I was once again reminded why cruise vacations are the best vacations on earth.  It didn’t matter that the ship was 18 years old or that it didn’t have as many bells and whistles as today’s ships.
I had sailed on Carnival Liberty before, and many things about Victory reminded me of Liberty from the moment I walked around the pool deck.
carnival victory atrium
From the emerald green 9-deck atrium to the spacious 2-deck Serenity retreat to the new food options added, Carnival Victory offered a lot to like.
So let’s dig into a few details about the ship before I give my thoughts on the hits and misses of Victory.
Carnival Victory was launched by Carnival Cruise Line in 2000.  Then in 2015 the vessel underwent Carnival’s FunShip 2.0 refurbishment.  In 2018, Victory was also refitted with some new additions including RedFrog Rum Bar, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, BlueIguana Cantina, Guy’s Burger Joint, Bonsai Sushi Express, and new staterooms.  Cherry on Top, the candy store, was also added.
The 101,509 ton ship is 893 feet in length, has 13 decks, holds 2,764 passengers at double capacity, and employs 1,100 crew.
Check out our video tour review of Carnival Victory here if you’d rather not read all my drivel:

Food Options

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