, it’ll host a series of multi-day cruises along the northern Michigan shoreline in September and October.
Options include these:
· 4-Day Wine Cruise (September 11-15, 2014): Explore the great wine regions of the world with expert Chaad Thomas. Each evening aboard Manitou he will discuss the winemaking histories and taste the varietals of different countries. Dinners will feature paired wines.
· 4-Day Astronomy Cruise (September 25-29, 2014): Hillsdale College professor and avid amateur astronomer Mark Nussbaum will be our guide to the moon and stars visible in the northern Michigan heavens
· 4-Day Photography Cruise (October 2-6, 2014): Photographer Chris Bickes, who appreciates whatever camera skills you may have or equipment you bring, will help guests with camera management and photo composition.
As one of the largest sailing ships on the Great Lakes, the Manitou is a replica of an 1800s “coasting” cargo schooner. A traditional two-masted, gaff rigged, topsail schooner, Manitou measures 114 feet in length with more than 3000 square feet of sail. Note that there’s no TV, phone (cell phones are discouraged), internet or email.
Trips are limited to 24 individuals, with accommodations provided in 12 double-bunk cabins.
Traverse Tall Ship Company is located at 13258 S.W. Bay Shore Drive (M22) in Traverse City, Michigan, and shares a dock with the fleet from the Maritime Heritage Alliance.
(Photo courtesy of Traverse Tall Ship Company)

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