Popular Cruising is your fun, refreshing oasis for cruise reviews and behind-the-scenes explorations of cruising in videos, photos, and words. We were christened in 2012 by our “captain” and editor-in-chief, Jason Leppert.

As a millennial in his thirties, Jason is a cruise expert with over 100 sailings under his belt and a fresh, youthful perspective on the industry. He has been cruising since before he was even two years old thanks to his parents’ shared passion for traveling and their desire to experience all journeys together as a family.

Jason is also the Senior Writer, Cruises and Cruise Travel at TravelPulse and resident cruise expert at the Travel Channel. He additionally contributes to Cruise Travel and Porthole magazines, ShermansCruise, Tripfilms and the Cruise Radio podcast. Plus, he is the writer of The Disney Cruise Line Connoisseur for MiceChat, and he previously contributed to the The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper as a cruise columnist as well as at Onboard.