Whenever I cruise, I like to try to sail on as many different ships as possible. To-date, I’ve sailed on everything from an eight-passenger sailing ship to a massive 4,500-guest megaship. Since we’re in to fall, like many of you, I’m trying to figure out just where it is I want to sail next year – and how I want to get there. Of all the different types of cruises in the world, there’s one I’ve got my eyes stet on.
Cargo ships.

CMA CGM MARCO POLO is one of the largest cargo ships in the world – and you can sail aboard her. Photo courtesy of CMA CGM.

Yes, you too can sail aboard a cargo ship destined for far-off places. Why would you want to? The answer to that is simple: because you can.
Personally, I want to sail aboard a cargo ship for two reasons. First and foremost, I selfishly think it’d be a cool experience. How many people have the opportunity to watch freight being loaded and unloaded in port, or to see what goes on aboard a working vessel? How many people can say they’ve really set out on a voyage “with a purpose”? That ship has to get from Point A to Point B, no matter what the cost. That can mean storms, high winds and heavy seas. What these ships lack in amenities, they make up for in adventure.
The second reason I want to sail aboard a cargo ship is because, compared to cruise ships, I know little to nothing about cargo cruises – other than the fact that specialised agencies offer cargo cruises around the world on ships big and small. One of the world’s largest cargo shipping lines, CMA CGM even wrote about cargo cruising on their own blog.

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