We’ve all come into our stateroom and have seen the cute little fuzzy towel animals, but did you know they all have unique personalities? They aren’t as innocent as you may think.Here are 9 types of towel animal personalities that you may find on your next cruise vacation.

1. The Early bird

EARLY BIRD EDITIt doesn’t matter what time of the morning it is, these furry bundles of cotton are ready to be the first in the sun, before anyone else. Pass the SPF 15 because these guys are ready to soak up the rays.

2. The Party Animal

PARTY ANIMALS EDITAll you can drink, sneaking alcohol on the ship or just using the sea card at the bar – these guys are ready to throw down and consume alcohol under any condition. The Dos Equis Man has nothing on these dudes. Live Thirsty!

3. The

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