Let’s face it, the days leading up to a cruise can be very exciting — and stressful — as you’re packing, looking over the ship deck plans, excursions, specialty dining venues and ports.  Sometimes with all the excitement we tend to lose sight of common sense. 1. Pack Your Passport. Keep your passport on you and not in your checked bags. If bags go another direction and you get separated, your bags can always meet you at the next port, if your passport is in your bag, you’re going to get a great picture of the ship sailing away. 2. Bag Tags. Flying or not, make sure you have some type of ID on your bag. Bags sometimes tend to make their way to DFW instead of EWR, or to cabin 6091 instead of 9091. Also put an identifying mark or ribbon on your bag. It sounds cliché but many bags do look alike. Also carry single dollar bills for the porters at the pier. Tipping is recommended. 3. Research Ports. You can’t just walk off the ship and think what I want to do today? By the time you figure it out, half your day is blown.  There are plenty of resources out there

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