If you’re coming to or thinking about taking a cruise from Florida – you picked the right state. This past winter was brutal, heck, Chicago is still getting in late April. But before you get to Florida, there are some things you need to know: 1. Tons of Ships. Over 4.2 million people cruise to the Caribbean annually, a majority of those departures come from Florida. The inventory of ships out of the five Florida homeports is massive. For the best selection and pricing, cruise in the Winter months because all the cruise lines reposition their ships to the Caribbean because it’s cold everywhere else. 2. Flights Get Delayed. Florida is known for thunderstorms and with that comes flight delays. A lightning bolt close to the airport can shut the airfield down until the storm passes. Hurricanes are rare, rain happens almost daily. 3. Hotels are Affordable. Hotels are a dime a dozen in Florida and there is no reason why you shouldn’t come in a day early to explore. There are a lot of pre-cruise hotels out there like Radisson Resort at the Po

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