Which cruise lines offer the best loyalty programs?  Are they worth it?  Should I only cruise with one cruise line or try all of them?
These are common questions people have when looking at cruise line loyalty programs.
We have listed the benefits for 8 different cruise line loyalty programs and what it takes to reach each level.   See which perks interest you the most and how realistic it is to reach the status required to enjoy them.
Cruise lines want you to keep sailing with them.  They offer rewards and incentives for staying loyal to their brand of ships.  And the more you cruise on one line the better the benefits get down the line.
Each cruise line has its own name for their loyalty program, and in this article we are going to compare and contrast these status tiers and what it takes to reach them.
Note: always go directly to the cruise line’s website to get more specific and up-to-date information on a rewards program.


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